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What is online whiteboard?

If you are a teacher, the most important tool you find when you enter a classroom is a whiteboard? In the era of remote learning, the most important thing you miss if you are a student is the whiteboard?
What is online whiteboard?
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If you are a teacher, the most important tool you find when you enter a classroom is a whiteboard? In the era of remote learning, the most important thing you miss if you are a student is the whiteboard?

It keeps the students engaged and increases their attention. The best way is to use blackboards over pdf or files while sitting in a classroom. When you write something, you might find that you retain much more than just reading it through a book.

What makes an online whiteboard helpful for teachers?

Digital whiteboards are replacing traditional whiteboards as an essential tool for teachers. Many mentors find digital boards easy to use. The best thing about digital whiteboards is that whatever is written on the board can be easily saved and digitized, which makes it convenient for teachers and students.

There are a few reasons listed below that makes online whiteboard: a very essential tool for teachers and students:

  1. Use cards to conduct a brainstorming session and collect feedback. Moreover, you can attach any files for the students.
  2. With the whiteboard, you can digitalize your workshops.
  3. You can present anything (pdf or ppt) on the whiteboard as visuals work much better to memorize things.
  4. You can create mind maps for the students using a whiteboard, which keeps them engaged. Your mind maps are not limited to text and can combine all the content on the whiteboard into a multimedia mind map
  5. You can mark important points for the students using different highlighters or pens to make it eye appealing for the students
  6. You have an unlimited canvas, which means there are no size limitations on the board. You can adjust the size of the board accordingly as per convenience.
So far we have discussed, what is an online whiteboard and why is it useful for teachers. Let's now discuss different types of online boards available for teachers?

There are many online whiteboards available in the market, amongst which only a few are successful that are mentioned below:

  1. Jamboard-It is an interactive whiteboard system developed by Google. Teachers can give lectures through Jamboard and can share them with the students, which helps them to understand things better. Intuitive design makes using Jamboard easy, and the options for collaboration make it fun. Students can easily pull their files from Google Drive and collaborate with it.
  2. Whiteboard Fi-It allows the students to have their whiteboard. Teachers can track what is drawn by every student on their boards. It helps the students to understand things better in a fun way. Teachers can erase whatever is drawn or written by the students helping them to know their mistakes. It is easy to use. Few updates are on the way that will allow the teachers to share files, save boards, and much more
  3. Whiteboard chat-It is a free service wherein you can connect with multiple boards at one time. It can translate chat into many languages. You can create your library of objects under a palette, can easily attach a hyperlink to any object. You can export boards to pdf files. The best part of whiteboard chat is that you don't need an email address for logging in.
  4. AWW-It is an online whiteboard designed for education and business purpose. It is a web-based application. It allows teachers to create assignments or tests for students. It is very easy to use. Students can join directly from the link provided by the teacher as there is no login required. Teachers can host live sessions, share files, collect feedbacks, store documents, and much more.
  5. Limnu-It is an online whiteboarding web-based application. It makes you feel so realistic as if you are writing on a real whiteboard. There are so many options available for teachers as well as students. All sorts of shapes and tools can be used. Even the security system is too good at it. Each whiteboard can be password protected to add security for the only user with the password can view and edit the whiteboard. For long lectures, the pin feature is a convenient way to jump back to the last topic.