How To Edit your videos by typing in TYPE STUDIO

Have you ever been needed to edit a video for your school/college project or any presentation you have to give in front of your students?

Then you might find out these video editing tools like "Adobe Illustrator" are too heavy and complicated to use sometimes you even have to see a short tutorial on how to set up these tools on your device. What if I say you will not going to need any of these tools to edit a video. Yes, It's True! Type Studio is the solution.

Source: Type Studio YouTube

Type studio converts your video into a transcript after you can edit your Videos by just editing your transcripts. How cool is that?

Let's See step by step how to achieve that:-

Step 1: Open Type studio

Step 2:  Open the demo video by clicking on the "ready to edit button."

Step 3:  It will take you to the editor. You will see a video on the right side and a transcript of the video on the left

Step 4: As soon you will play the video, you will find the cursor on the transcript moving with the audio.

Step 5:  If you have to edit any part, bring the cursor on that text and select it.

Step 6:  The best part of type studio is, If you cut any part of the transcript, the video, as well as the text, will cut that part entirely and you will find the whole video in a flow.

TIP: In Type studio, you can even export text and video, change the aspect ratio, edit the text and video.

By using these steps you can easily edit your videos using Type studio.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi