Top Social Media Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Use in 2021

Social media marketing automation and management have become an essential part of any digital marketers' skillset.

Moreover, doing this task manually is tedious and finding the best tools to streamline the process so that you can be more productive is essential.

If you can efficiently automate the mundane processes and batch process the scheduling of your content, you can save up a lot of time and still get maximum exposure across the popular water-coolers of the modern age social media channels.

Social media tools are not to be seen as a perfect and easy solution; if you don’t set them up properly, so they appear organic and human, they can actually harm your authority on social media, even the best tools are not going to help you unless you combine them with the good strategy.

So, here are seven-time saving social media automation tools:


Previously, Crowdfire was just a tool to manage Instagram followers. Though, it has got a major release and has come out to be one of the most advanced social media automation tool.

It does not matter if you are managing a brand presence or would like to boost the reach of your personal content; Crowdfire is a social media tool that will surely meet your needs and requirements.

  • It allows you to find those Twitter users who are inactive so that you can unfollow them easily if you want to.
  • The curated posts feature finds the best content so that you can share it with your target audience.
  • You can analyze the following of any other users with the help of its “Copy Followers” feature.
  • The tool can automatically perform cross-platform content posting and suggests the ideal time for posting it for greater visibility.


CoSchedule is another useful social media automation tool for content marketers. As the name only suggests, this tool can easily be used to schedule your posts on various social media platforms and will help you to manage multiple accounts in one place. More than 60 social media posts can be scheduled at once with the help of its interactive interface. You can also use it to make your social media calendar or directly answer queries from its UI. Some of the latest advanced features of this tool are:

  • It is easy to use and is cost-effective compared to other options that are available.
  • Apart from scheduling the posts, you can also analyze which content worked well previously and publish your previously posted content again.
  • The tool can also be used to perform customer support fairly easily.
  • It has various other remarkable features like WordPress compatibility, re-queue, team management, etc.


Hootsuite is one of the top social media automation tools, and for a good reason. In one dashboard, you can easily monitor mentions of your brand, schedule posts for multiple platforms and use analytics so that you can find the best times to post content.

Hootsuite can be integrated with more than 35 social media APIs, which include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and it also supports Google Analytics. It is also less expensive, and comes with a 30-days free trial and packages starting at $29/month.


It is a useful social media management tool that can help you to automate a lot of your activities across social media platforms, which include YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can use it to customize, schedule, and publish posts on all your social media accounts, monitor important topics, manage social media messages, track and measure the KPI, and much more.

At the time when you are managing accounts on different social media platforms, it brings them all under one roof, which acts as a huge time saver.

With AgoraPulse, you can easily create a social media publishing schedule for each of your accounts and can automatically post the right content at the right time to the right social media account, all that from a single dashboard.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete package of social media management tool for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business’ and Twitter. It has a scheduling feature which is highly essential for automation; you can let Zoho Social automatically queue updates, line them up yourself and have them post to all your social media channels at once.


Buffer is the ultimate social media automation tool for anyone who deals with a lot of content and various other social media handles.

This tool handles scheduling just like the CrowdFire, Hootsuite, but the best part of this tool is:

They have a lot of analytic data to suggest the best time to post content.

It does not even end here:

Its analytics mechanism offers useful insight into how your social media strategies stack up against those of competing brands.

They also offer unique advantages from automation and UX perspective, while adding content to it is easy peasy, especially with a browser extension. There is a panel that guides you on what you need to fill in the next like image, description, social networks to post to, and the specific times the post will be dispatched.

Wrap up

The above all mentioned social media automation tools have been designed with the aim of not only reducing your social media efforts but also making them more effective with the proper monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Social media marketing is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective digital marketing techniques out there.

Moreover, due to the number of social platforms, managing them all at once has become fairly difficult. It is hard for one person to handle all the channels, and it can cost you a major amount if you hire a team of SMM experts.

Apart from that, try the tools mentioned above to speed up your sharing process. Additionally, most of these social media automation tools have a scheduling feature that makes your life much better.

Which social media automation tool do you use? Share your valuable and honest feedback in the comments section below.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi