How to Use the Google Data Studio?

"Data is the new Gold."

Do you know what is the most precious thing in today's scenario other than gold and diamonds? Data! We have Petabytes of Data every day flowing here and there. If we have this much data, then obviously we need peoples to manage them. There are many data management tools available, but many of them require some coding knowledge but "Google Data Studio" provides you with the most interactive platform without any coding even it creates a report to save or a dashboard that will update Automatically.

How to use Google Data Studio
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Let's dive deep into some of the fascinating features of that.

  1. You have a range of options to add data from several sources.
  2. There is a range of tables and charts you can add to Data Studio reports. It is very similar to MS-Excel and any other spreadsheet software.
  3. Any element in your report can be made report-level. Right-click on an object and select "make report-level" from the menu.
  4. You can also create permanent filters on tables, charts, and scorecards that a user cannot change.
  5. You can share your build project in many ways
  6. Repo Link: - In this, you can manage permission (such as- Viewer, Editor).
  7. Embedded Report: - Gives you an embed code that you can copy and paste onto a website,
  8. Download Report: - You can download the report in any desired format.

Here are some tips to use google spreadsheet with Data Studio.

  1. You can export all your spreadsheet data at once to the Data Studio, but you need to make sure that every column has its unique name, otherwise, Data Studio will rename it like "id_0", "id_1".'
  2. Google Forms + Data Studio can just give what you exactly want and how you want. Connect the Google form with Google Spreadsheet and then connect the spreadsheet with Data Studio. Every time a new response came Data Studio will give you a notification. You can even sort them by Timestamp.
Chandan Kumar
New Delhi