How to Use the Google Assistant in your Classroom?

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"Okay, Google Play Music."

"Okay, Google What is a black hole."

Have you wondered how google assistant can be very useful to your studies inside your classroom or managing things for your students as a Teacher and what not?

This can be very helpful to your classroom student can use these to check to spell or solve a math problem, ask general knowledge questions, and manage their time with reminders. Teachers can use templates to develop custom games and quizzes without writing any code.

Let us see some of the useful and basic commands which you can give to google Assistant.

As a Student:

  • "Okay Google, spell ________."
  • "Hey Google, what's ___ x ___?"
  • "Okay Google, what's the capital of ________?"
  • "Hey Google, roll a dice."
  • "Okay Google, what should I write my speech about?"
  • "Hey Google, how far away is the sun?"
  • "Okay Google, what is the capital of India?"

There are plenty of commands used by students that helps them in the study without even touching their phone

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As a Teacher:

There are many third-party actions provided by google assistant which allow them to talk or speak, such as: -

  1. Word Problems for Kids: - This prompt will give math word problems in a range of context there are plenty of problems that might sound easy as some of them are tricky
  2. Strangest Day Ever - This prompt use to narrate a story to the students, and oral language 'choose your own adventure' story appropriate for students of all ages. It encourages students to listen to stories, infer and predict.

There are endless prompts that can be used by any Teacher or Student to Achieve goals in a better way. Even you can manage your schedule by saying: "Okay, Google, add parent-teacher conferences to my calendar."

At the last, I want to say that today's technology can build you way better than before only if you know how to use it in the right direction.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi