How to create your first Google Classroom?

Video Source: Google For Eductaion 

Online Learning was not a part of our academic life until this pandemic. But now it is not only important but the only way to organize classes, post assignments, hosting meetings, etc. online. Wouldn't it be great if you could do all these things in just one location without worrying about any security issues and with better tools and visualization? Fortunately, Google for EDU listened intently to teacher needs and designed by Google Classroom to do just that. Students have a single source of information for assignments, parents can see missing assignments and student progress; educators are more easily able to manage digital assignments and communication.

In today's changing world, students need to leave school with a set of skills that can help them compete in the world's job market. For teachers, there's a free resource available that can help them give students those skills: Google Classroom.

Here are a few Easy Steps to Get Started with it and create your first classroom.

1.Sign in to the Classroom: You can download any application from desktop or android/ios to get started. Mobile Application is way more interactive than any other. After that, you can log in with your pre-existing google id or create a new one. If you are a student, your school/college might have provided you with the Gsuite credentials.

  1. Create a class: Once you have logged in if you are a teacher
  2. Select the teacher role.
  3. On the Classroom Home Page, click the + symbol and then choose Create Class
  4. Give the class a title that is meaningful to you and your students
  5. There are some extra options which some may like to prefer:
  6. Click Section and Enter the short description of the class.
  7. To add a subject such as English Lit., click Subject and enter a name or click one from the list that appears when you enter text.
  8. To enter the room location for the class, click Room and enter the details.
  9. Click Create.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first classroom. Now you can see your class code and share it with your students.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi