How to create engaging video content for students?

Whether it's about teaching an online course or seeking knowledge using e-learning modules, video plays a crucial role in keeping the students immersed in the lecture. In today's time, online learning is the only way for students to learn new skills due to the pandemic. The students expect more interactive and engaging videos so that they can connect with you and the fellow batchmates easily. But many teachers face problems while delivering their quality content via videos. So here are a few easy ways to improve your videos without going deep into editing techniques.

1. Don't look at the screen: While delivering your content, it's necessary to have eye contact with them. How you position your camera can immensely improve your videos. Looking at the screen distracts the students. Ensure that the camera lens settles at or above the eye level with your eyes into the lens.

2. Adjust your lightning: Getting shadows on the pages or in the background is one of the big problems faced by teachers. We know that this affects the concentration of the student. So to get rid of this problem, you should try to surround yourself with a bright area.

3. Clean Up Your Background: Determining the background for your lecture will have a powerful impact on the quality of your video. While preparing a video, keep the background plane (without any distraction) or related to education or books. Do not look up for a messy background as it will distract the minds of the students.

4. Set up your audio: Sound plays a crucial role in making good videos, especially a lecture. Investing in a good external microphone will be the best way to avoid all the noises. Make sure that the external microphone is compatible with your device. Check your Mike beforehand. But If you cannot invest in it, try to keep the microphone as close to your mouth as possible and turn off your speakers. You can also lookup for noise cancellation microphones as they work quite well compared to the normal ones.

5. Record small size video lessons: Instead of recording long length lectures, try to break them into small parts; helping them connect much better with you.

Do not let your informative lesson get down by not producing an engaging video. Follow all the steps mentioned above as it will not just deliver good content but also create quality videos for the students to get a better understanding.
Chandan Kumar
New Delhi