How Is Microsoft Teams useful for educators and students?

Teachers have played a crucial role in enabling remote learning amongst all the students. Within a few months, teachers have made the students get indulged with online learning. This incredible shift from traditional to E-learning has made a new vision towards education in the 21st century.

There are many problems faced by teachers due to this shift. Undoubtedly, they are doing their level best for the student's betterment. Based on the reports, Microsoft outlined four ways to help teachers and students get the most out of Microsoft Teams, a digital hub for communication and education, during remote learning.

  1. One note class note book-One note is a tool inbuilt in teams, where you can take notes and mark all the points by highlighting them. One note Class note book provides a space for every student to take notes and indulge themselves in lectures. It is the best place for the students to keep all the notes digitally as writing on sheets during remote learning becomes difficult to manage.
  2. Learning communities-When creating a new team on Microsoft teams, there are four team type options available: class, professional learning communities (PLC), staff, or other. It is an inbuilt feature in teams, where all the staffs and professional teachers come together, allowing the educators to Collaborate and communicate during e-learning. Meetings with PLC's gives the ability to share student's record that will help them to improve their weak areas. Through activities that take place on teams, like lesson study, team teaching, and so on, teachers learn to look beyond their classroom.
  3. Meaningful feedbacks-Giving meaningful feedbacks help the teachers to avoid respective errors and adopt a new method of teaching. Moreover, feedbacks play a crucial role in learning new skills that help in getting good results. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has added a feature of Feedbacks in teams with rubrics.  Rubric grading helps to increase the transparency with students (in terms of grading and marks), which allows the educators to give more meaningful feedback. Students can see their feedbacks but cannot read the teacher's feedback
  4. Connection and Collaboration-Connection and Collaboration is a sign of an effective team as it enables the team to work together and share that work frequently, which in turn helps them to achieve their goals. Microsoft teams have a built-in meeting feature where you can hold a conversation, share your documents, and can even integrate chats. You can share voice notes, files, video calls, assignments, and many more.
Chandan Kumar
New Delhi