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As an educator, this may be the first time you are delivering online classes but the COVID-19 situation made you adapt to the new normal on the fly.

You are doing your best to keep your students on track academically while also managing assessments and tests.

Having one-to-one conversations with parents and responding to student queries over WhatsApp throughout the day has become a part and parcel of your life.

Despite all your efforts, you may sometimes feel that you are not making the kind of  impact that you previously used to achieve. Or your classes may seem to have become monotonous and dry for both you and your students.

Thanks to the internet, today we have an abundance of free, easy-to-use, and extremely impactful online resources that will help you deliver an excellent education to your students even during the current times.

10 Free Online Resources to make Virtual Classes Fun and Impactful

  1. Google Teach From Home: Google Teach From Home is a perfect platform to get ideas and recommendations on employing free Google Products to make teaching from home more effective. For instance – using Google Forms to create an online quiz or Google Slides for structuring your lessons. Website: https://teachfromhome.google/intl/en/
  2. Youtube Learn@Home: Videos are not only fun to watch, but they also help you break-down complex topics easily to your students. But finding the right video content for your lessons is always a big struggle. With this platform, you can access Youtube recommended educational content categorised by age groups and subjects. You can also attend their daily live streams on topics related to teaching. Website: https://learnathome.withyoutube.com/
  3. Khan Academy: Since 2008, Khan Academy has been the go-to place for students and teachers alike for getting the best videos to learn about different concepts and subjects. You can use their videos for teaching a concept or share it as a pre-read material before your lesson. Website: https://www.khanacademy.org/
  4. Amazon Inspire: Amazon Inspire is an online portal for teachers to discover, download, recommend and share free online educational resources. The different resources are available grade-wise as well as subject-wise. Website: https://www.amazoninspire.com/home
  5. Government of India’s Swayam: With many students and teachers not having access to their school textbooks amidst the lockdown, teaching the school curriculum becomes very challenging. Thanks to Swayam, you and your students can now easily access NCERT e-textbooks for all subjects. This portal also features several engineering and non-engineering MOOC’s and learning content for various courses from IGNOU. Website: https://swayam.gov.in/
  6. TED-Ed: An extremely resourceful platform, TED-Ed features thousands of videos and articles that students can self-study or you can integrate as part of your lessons. You can also use this platform to create a video-based lesson and TED-style talks for delivering your lessons in an engaging and structured way. Website: https://ed.ted.com/
  7. ReadWriteThink: With thousands of lesson plans and activities that are readily available to be used for constructing your next lesson, ReadWriteThink is a highly resourceful and beneficial platform for teachers. Website: http://www.readwritethink.org/
  8. Scholastic Learn at Home: From freely downloadable worksheets and activities to grade-wise weekly projects that will help kids think, learn and grow, the Scholastic Learn at Home pack is easy-to-use, fun and highly engaging for students up to 9th grade. This can also be recommended to parents for home-schooling their children. Website: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html
  9. Firki: Firki is a teacher training platform which strives to enhance teachers’ capabilities. The portal has several online courses that you can take to improve your classroom practices. You can also access a variety of webinars, online discussions and subject-specific teaching resources. Website: https://www.firki.co/
  10. Pratham Open School: With most of the online teaching resources being available in English, teachers who teach in regional Indian languages struggle in finding quality teaching content online. Pratham Open School solves this problem by making available a repository of videos, stories and games for different age groups in 12 different languages. Website: https://www.prathamopenschool.org/

I hope that these resources come in handy for your upcoming lessons.

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