Five Tools for Staying On Task

Are you looking for the right time management tools and techniques to perform more efficiently and effectively? If you are like most people, your time management skills could even use a lot of work.

So, here are Five Tools for Staying on Task:


Chanty is a very fast, reliable and simple team chat application to boost communication in teams of all business segments. With the Chanty, you can easily get in touch with your colleagues in a public group, private and one on one conversation. The Team book menu allows you to keep all your files, links, messages and tasks in order. You can also achieve a high level of productivity with third-party apps in Chanty. Integrations helps to turn a team chat into a command centre, which gives you control over the information from the apps you use.

One of the major productivity killers in the workplace is coincidentally the various productivity tools we end up using in the first place. By messaging someone on slack, finding content stored in Emailing clients, Dropbox, collaborating on Google Docs etc., drains our productivity as we keep shuffling between the apps and don’t seem to make any level of progress with the actual work.


Being in sync is one of the most crucial issues for any project. Once lost, you and your team will waste time trying to realize how things are going what major decreases productivity.

With the GanttPRO online Gantt chart software, you can be sure all of your team members keep track of tasks. A visual appealing Gantt chart timeline offers project participants an immediate picture of how the plan is progressing. Thanks to collaboration opportunities, not detail will be lost.


With so many elements of a project to keep track of, sometimes staying productive thoughtful the process can be overwhelming, but having a project management tool like nTask can help.

nTask is an all-inclusive project management and task management software that can help you to keep all the elements of your project in a centralized platform to make sure that you are on the top of the project tasks, get status reports, visualize your progress and much more.


The Trello platform is such a great resource for visualizing projects, particularly for teams. It is a platform that lets you set up boards, which usually represent projects, and easily allocate tasks to each member. And within each and every board, you can set up different lists.

East list, in turn, contains a series of cards. Cards are effectively tasks.

For instance, you may have aboard representing a particular project. You could then even split the projects into lists and then itemize the individual jobs to do on a series of cards.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi