Eight EdTech Trend in 2020

These days distance learning has become one of the new trends in the field of education technology. Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed the way of teaching and learning for everybody. Education Technology has transformed conventional book teaching to the digital form that stands easy for Few teachers and Students.

There are a few trends in the field of education are as follows:

  1. Collaborative learning:-Education technology has made teachers and Students learn together digitally. This method has made the students more connected to the teachers even through distance learning. Earlier students were not engaging while there is a transformation in their performance too.
  2. Learning Outside the classroom:- Not everyone has the same pace of learning and understanding new concepts. This trend has made many students get comfortable with e-learning o m learning. Students are embedded with many features to enhance their learning experience even if there is a poor internet connection in their zone. It has formed an ecosystem for the students to learn their courses anytime with any electronic device. This trend has added wonders to many students as it is a convenient method of delivering and receiving education.
  3. Cybersecurity:-Privacy and security are the top concern for both teachers and students. There are many confidential data stored online. As a result, there is a need for improvement in creating and managing new data.
  4. Gamification:-This trend is gaining immense growth in the market, especially amongst the young generation. It has made learning easy as well as enjoyable way for the students. Now students can engage themselves in reward-based games, incorporating themselves in problem-solving and social skills.
  5. AI and VR:-Artificial intelligence (AI) has fascinated many people in the market. Tech companies can use this technology in education by implementing virtual teachers or teaching guides and an automated grading system. Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular gaming technology used by entrepreneurs to enhance education in every aspect. Many schools have introduced virtual trips and tours that have made the students learn and enjoy at the same time.
  6. Wearable technologies:-Every parent looks up for the best when it's about their child. So keeping an eye on their daily activity in their busy schedule is quite restless. Now wearable technologies have made the tracking process easy for the parents. Even this technology facilities paperless transactions as well.
  7. Digital-Media literacy course:-At present, education is dependent on technology. From virtual classrooms to the digital library, you can find everything at your home. But education technology has been a bane for many students. This technology is not easily understandable by either mentors or students. To harness this technology there is a need for a well-designed curriculum to help the students learn more about digital literacy.
  8. Flipped Learning:-It is a new approach in the field of education technology. As the word suggests, it involves a drastic change in the teaching methods. Students can take advantage of the new technology in grasping the content by sitting at home and then completing their homework at school in small groups.
Chandan Kumar
New Delhi