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Best Apps For Music Teachers Management In 2021

Best Apps For Music Teachers Management In 2021

Today’s applications for music teachers are more intuitive than ever. No matter, whether you are searching for the best music teaching apps for Android or a music practice designed for your iPhone, Studio Director has you covered. These are the best apps for music schools and teachers, from management to at-home practice.

The Best Music Teacher Management Apps

At the time, when it comes to a music teacher management app, the goal is to ease up the burden of payments, scheduling, and so much more for your studio.

So, here are some of the best apps for music teachers looking to stay organized:

1Music Teacher’s Helper

Starting from lesson schedules to automatic reminders and tax reports, Music Teacher’s Helper helps you to run the logistics of your studio. Handle cancellations, scheduling, event reminders, makeups, and lesson notes in one place with this affordable and convenient technology.

Price: Plans starting at $6/month

Available on: Android, iOS


Stay engaged with the students between the music lessons using Tonara. The app allows you to send your students assignments, track their progress and provide personalized feedback. Use the chat feature to stay in touch with your musicians and offer encouragement.

Price: Plans starting at $11.95/month

Available on: Android, iOS

Practice Presto

Take payments, track attendance, and create custom assignments using the Practice Presto app. In this application, you can even find inspiration by browsing helpful templates provided by other music teachers. Moreover, you can reward students with practice awards. Add custom stickers to your student's uploads to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Price: Plans starting at $4.99/month

Available on: Android, iOS

My Music Staff

My Music Staff can help you manage your private music studio in an efficient and effective manner. Update your website, store student contact information, draft invoices, and schedule classes in one central location.

Price: $12.95/month

Available on: Any smartphone or tablet


GarageBand is an app which helps to turn your iPad or iPhone into a collection of instruments and a full-featured recording studio. Record your students and allow them to get creative by adding percussion and some other accompanying instruments. They will enjoy sharing what they have been working on with their families and friends!

Price: Free

Available on: iOS