About Me

I, Chandan Kumar, am a graduate in electrical and electronics engineering. Since my college days, I’ve gained experience through multiple yet highly challenging internships that shaped me into an EdTech entrepreneur. I’ve been playing an active role in consulting new ventures and ensuring their growth through my leadership skills. Now, I’m helping global EdTech startups as well as educators with technology & growth consulting.

I’m a motivated EdTech specialist and self-driven person who loves to take charge. Being an open-minded person, I’m flexible with the new ideas that are capacitated to deliver promising results. Over the years, I’ve gained immense experience in technology, operations, product development, and marketing that helps me with sound strategic implementation.

I believe in transforming theories and ideas into successful business plans. I thrive positively by being a long-term thinker with higher performance expectations. I value promising structures, knowledge, business models, and competence.

On this platform, we believe that the learning and teaching approach needs innovation, and we have curated an innovative learning framework. Ranging from design thinking to multidisciplinary learning, we believe in developing the learning platform that empowers everyone.

We will integrate smart yet advanced technology into the classrooms for better learning and teaching experience simultaneously with our platform.  We thrive on emboldening and inspiring the students with technical knowledge that transforms them into ultimate learners.

Our mission is to design and implement innovative teaching approaches and frameworks that lead to students' concerted and active learning experiences.

We are working with the philosophy of developing an accurate learning platform that encourages knowledge from various disciplines. Consequently, the students will learn how to answer realistic questions. That being said, we will help develop habits and systems that empower people and make them future-oriented.

Technological advancement is evident, and we want to put it to good use. Our goal is to innovate the educators with technology so that they can deliver a better learning experience to students. We aim to thrive on designing, creating, and improving the solutions for better learning outcomes.