6 Gmail Tips Every Teacher Should Know about!

As a teacher or master, you likely to spend an excessive amount of time sorting through your email inbox. This is a time that could be spent developing lesson plans, grading assignments, or other tasks that are actually beneficial to students.

To help you regain some of this precious time, use this guide which details various tricks and tips within Gmail that can help to increase efficiency.

Create & Use Canned Responses

Whenever you find yourself writing the same reply more than a few times, you know it is time to create a message template in Gmail. Doing this lets you save the text of a reply and re-use it whenever you want as often as you want. Canned responses always help me save time at the beginning of each semester at the time of answering a lot of the same types of questions from students and parents.

Schedule Messages

Want to send a reminder to colleagues but don’t want to send it too soon or don’t want to forget to send it? Make sure to use the scheduling tool in Gmail to schedule your messages to be sent at a specific period of time.

Create Gmail Filters

If you are not sure where to start when greeted with an overflowing inbox, start with the things that are in your most vital filters. Creating filters lets, you set the priority for dealing with messages from the students, parents, or colleagues. You can even set filters based on keywords in the subject lines.

Use Smart Replies

Smart Replies are much more similar to but slightly different from canned messages. Smart Reply is a feature of Gmail that tries to predict what you want to say in response to a message. If the prediction is correct, just hit your tab key or click the prediction to use it.

Create an Approved Senders List

Create an approved senders list to make sure that you get an email from the people you want to get it from and don’t get an email from people you don’t want to hear from anymore.

Teach Gmail to Sort Messages to Proper Tabs

Sometimes Google sorts messages into the wrong tab. It is easy to train Gmail to do a better job. Just try to drag the message into the proper tab or folder and click “yes” when asked if you want that to happen with all future messages from the sender.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi