5 Tools to Help Students Analyze Their Own Writing

Writing is one of the essential component of literacy and a key element in nearly each and every subject. No matter whether it is writing book reports or recording scientific hypotheses, students need to know how to write clearly and effectively. Since not all students are going to be inherently interested in writing moreover, making use of edtech writing tools can help you to keep students engaged while helping them to learn essential skills in vocabulary, grammar, style and syntax. So, here is a list of helpful tools to guide and inspire students at every stage of the writing process.


NewseumED is a historical and cultural database for educators and students alike. It makes an excellent resource for research papers on American history, as students can browse via digital artefacts – like newspaper clipping and old photographs from specific moments in time. Since nowadays most of the content on this type of sites deals with politics, civil rights and government, it is also useful for history, social studies and English lessons.

Book Creator

Starting from research journals to science reports, Book Creator helps students of any age create stunning digital books. Students starting from elementary to high school, in nearly any subject, can use this tool to demonstrate their learning in any subject.

Draft Back

If you are a big fan of the Google Classroom, you will love draft back. This simple and easy to use Google Chrome extension allows you to see the revision history of any Google document while editing capabilities.


Quill is an all-in-one writing tool that supports grammar, lessons and revisions for upper elementary, high and middle school students. The proofreader and grammar capabilities are helpful when writing reports and essays, and the connect tool lets students identify run-on and fragmented sentences. By offering students instant feedback on their writing, they learn essential writing tips in a real-time scenario.


This tool is designed to help students become more thoughtful and creative storytellers. Storybird is an online tool that is designed to engage students in the art of story by both writings and to read them. It is filled with writing prompts, video tutorials, lesson plans and quizzes, all designed to make young learners better writers.


BoomWriter is where composition meets gamification. BoomWriter is designed to be a collaborative tool, encouraging elementary, high and middle school students to share, vote and review others work anonymously. After each and every actively reviewing and sharing work earns students points that they can put towards sprucing up their avatar on the application.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi