5 Tips on Using Media in Google Slides

There are lots of PPT platforms out there for large and small businesses alike. But not all work the same.

Google Slides is a robust, dynamic, and cloud hosted based presentation program that has started to draw in more and more business users. Yet with a lot of workers are hopping on board in order to give Google Slides a try, very few looks to be making the most of its lengthy list of features.

So, here are some of the tips to help you and start using Google Slides like a pro:

  1. Enhance Text with Drop Shadow

By the end of the day, the devil is always in the detail – and aesthetic matter. One of the best ways to draw attention to key text is to insert a drop shadow. By simply duplicating the content and changing the colour of the text or reducing the opacity of an image and then dropping it directly upon the original, a slight shadow emerges. This drastically enhances content headers in particular.

2. Edit Using the Master Slides Tool

If you are pressed for time, then try to edit a range of slides at once with the help of the master slides tool. This also comes in highly handy if you are keen on changing your entire presentation to fit a particular theme or design and can save you the headache of changing each slide individually.

3. Use Image Masking

Google slides include a range of image masking settings that enable you to change the shape of an embedded photo. This is particularly helpful if sharp, boxy photos do not complement the overall theme of your work presentation.

4. Bookmark Key Text

Big presentations require a whole lot of scrolling in order to find precisely what you are looking for. Don’t waste all that time. Moreover, you can use the program’s bookmarking hack in order to zoom instantly to various points or passages hidden within your presentation.

5. Dictate Each Slide

Sick of typing out the text box after the text box? Google Slides has got you covered. By enabling “Voice Typing”, you can verbally dictate text onto new slides. The feature even recognizes punctuation commands to make sure each and every slide turns out precisely the way you want it to.

Chandan Kumar
New Delhi