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Educators in traditional and online schools can help to boost the number by ensuring that photography is exciting and fun to learn, a feat that is made easier with the right set of tools. Here are some of the educational geography video games for enlivening your lessons and raising your student's geography IQ. While not as up-to-date as many of their science and math counterparts, it is a start, yes?

ClueFinders: 4th Grade Adventures (PC and Mac)

It is built by The Learning Company; ClueFinders is a collection of educational software which is being designed for children ages 8 to 12. In the 4th Grader Adventures, kids solve puzzles and collect dues to stop an evil archaeologist. The game covers a number of different subjects, so while geography is not its sole focus, there are learning activities around the US states and cities and some major cities across the globe.

GeoCycle USA (PC and Mac)

Targeting the students from 8 to 12 years old, GeoCycle, from the EdVenture Software, invites players to travel across the US on a flying GeoCycle. The game helps to build map reading and navigation skills while teaching states and their capitals as well as deserts, rivers, bodies of water, mountains, and some well-known sites. The game includes some of the videos, photographs and simple maps that help younger children become more familiar.

GeoGuessr (Browser)

It is developed by the Swedish IT professional Anton Wallen, GeoGuessr offers visuals from across the world using Google Maps Street View. The game reveals up an unidentified scene and invites players to guess where it is by placing a marker on a world map. Students can even make guesses based on road signs, terrain, and some other clues and score points based on how close their guesses are.

GeoNet (Browser)

GeoNet, an online game produced by the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies, invites the players to choose a region or continent and quizzes players on a wide range of topics which includes human characteristics, special information, physical systems, environment, and humans, and more. A great feature of this web application is that when the questions are answered correctly, a balloon pops up, offering more information on the topic.

Learn Geography (Nintendo DS)

It is built and developed by the DreamCatcher, Learn Geography offers a challenging way for the students to learn about countries and people all across the globe. The software includes educational quizzes and a number of mini-games such as Paint the Flag and City Search, but its central game is a global treasure hunt, in which players solve the geography clues that tell them where to fly next.

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